Colombia Supremo Light - SWP

Colombia Supremo Light - SWP

Regular roast of Colombian. Chemicals are used to decaffeinate most coffee, but the SWISS WATER® process uses only water. It’s a patented process that results in great tasting coffee that is 100...


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Looking To Buy Gourmet Coffee Beans?

Hasbeans is your one-stop shopping for gourmet and specialty coffees online. You will look no further!
We search the exotic world markets for only the highest quality, high mountain grown, estate coffee. Hand-selected and imported in relatively small quantities, our gourmet coffees stand out for their freshness and flavour and are offered as both a green (raw) and a roasted coffee bean.

About Our Gourmet Coffees

We take pride in offering fair trade and organic coffees. All our fine coffees are of the species Arabica, a delicate tropical mountain-grown coffee tree. Coffees take their personality from the environment and each coffee reflects distinctive and unique qualities that are further enhanced by the roasting process. Here at Hasbeans we roast our coffees daily and use a micro roaster that gives us unlimited control over the process. Roasting is one of the main events and will determine the final characteristics in coffee.

 Proud member

Specialty Coffee Association of America

 Dedicated to sustainable quality from seed to cup.


How To Buy Specialty Coffee On-Line

Now you can enjoy our specialty gourmet coffees in the comfort of your own home. You can purchase all of our coffees directly from this web site. Simply go to our online gourmet coffee store and make your choice. We accept Visa and MasterCard. To learn more about the ordering process, privacy security, shipping and handling, please go to the ordering page.

We are happy to announce for the next while, in appreciation of your business, we will be offering our customers a 10% discount on orders of 10 lbs or more.

You can also visit us in the London Covent Garden Market. We’ll be pleased to meet you!


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